How the From Car to Finish service works

From Car to Finish has over 24 years experience successfully negotiating over 8000 new vehicles for a purchase, and was created to make the car buying process easier for you.  Here’s how we work:

Once you decide on the basic make, model, and style of new vehicle you wish to purchase, From Car to Finish can begin to negotiate your vehicle.  To help you make this choice, we can offer a free phone consultation to help whittle down the choices of what to consider given a few parameters from you. We have vehicle research tools to help with this as well.

From Car to Finish then takes the information about the vehicle you wish to purchase and contacts at least the 4 dealers in closest proximity to the zip code you choose, regardless of the distance from that zip code.  We will also stay within your general greater metropolitan area whenever possible.  (Texas customers please click here before proceeding.)  Each dealer we contact is given the chance to decide what overall profit they wish to make regardless of the color and options you will want.  Each dealer will honor the quote they provide until the given expiration date, which is at least 2 weeks, but often 30 days.   

Once From Car to Finish completes the dealer quoting process, you will receive a report outlining the quote information.  Within the report, you’ll have a worksheet that allows you to combine each dealer’s quote with a provided cost printout for both the base vehicle and all available factory options the manufacturer offers for that vehicle.  By following the worksheet's directions, you’ll be able to see the difference in price between each dealer, and know which dealer offers the best selling price for a purchase.

Within the From Car to Finish report, we always provide one or more contact names at each dealership who will honor the quote.  At least one of them is always the person who gave the quote.  When you contact the person listed in the report for the dealership you have chosen, that person will take down your color and options, and begin the process of locating the vehicle that most closely matches what you are looking for, subject to availability.  Once the contact finds a suitable vehicle, our worksheet allows you to calculate the bottom line price.  This price will be before including any mandatory and non-negotiable government fees such as tax, tags, and title, but that will not change the ranking of the dealers.  Then it’s a simple matter of putting down a deposit to hold a vehicle that’s in-stock or incoming (or placed as a factory order, if it’s a brand that allows factory orders.). 

Dealer trades - Sometimes the dealer can get the vehicle you are looking for from another dealer who already has it, provided the other dealer is willing to take one back.  Our quotes also covers that scenario in case it is applicable to your situation, and will state the additional cost (if any) to you for this service, and how many miles the dealer will go to secure a car when they can.

You are anonymous - Using our service never puts you under any obligation to buy a vehicle.  You are completely anonymous to the dealers we call on your behalf until you choose to contact them yourself after purchasing and receiving your From Car to Finish report.

The fee for the service for From Car to Finish to shop a single vehicle on your behalf is $249. If you would like From Car to Finish to shop additional vehicles for you at the time you place your initial order, we offer will shop additional vehicles of the same make at a 50% discount per vehicle, or $124, up to a total of 4 vehicles per order.  Additional vehicles of different makes, whether ordered at the same time or not, are $249 each.

Lowest Price Guarantee - From Car to Finish guarantees that we will get you the lowest selling price for a purchase on the vehicle you requested we shop for you, in the same time frame and geographic area the quotes apply to.  If we are unable to meet this guarantee, we'll happily refund the cost of your From Car to Finish report (minus a $10 credit card processing fee), with proof of purchase, and provided you don’t use our information or report as leverage to achieve a lower price.  This takes the risk out of trying out our service, as we have to be able to justify our fee each and every time we do our job.  The Lowest Price Guarantee shall not apply to a lease.

From Car to Finish is ideal for people who:

1) Want to bypass the stress of the negotiating process.

2) Want to save time by not having to negotiate for hours with one or more dealers, with no guarantee they did well or not.

3) Want to know they weren't "taken for a ride", and got not only a fair price, but the lowest selling price available in their area at the time they were in the market for a new vehicle.

So to summarize:

  • We work for you, not the dealer
  • No haggling/negotiating - we do it for you
  • We’ll work with ALL dealers nationally – not just a select network
  • Guaranteed LOWEST pricing in your area – not just a “low” price
  • You're always anonymous to the dealers – no need to submit personal information to get a price
  • Free phone consultation to save you time researching/test driving vehicles

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