First of all, this whole process eliminated all the unpleasantries that we all have experienced in dealing with car dealers. Not only did Mike eliminate the haggling over price, but it eliminated the whole searching process. Of course I knew exactly what I wanted. More importantly, if you are willing to drive or even fly to another location, there is no doubt with Mike's help you could easily reduce the price of any vehicle. His whole mantra is competition drives the price of the car down. He was able to convince me that going to a nearby dealer is not beneficial when it comes to buying. I saved almost $3000 by simply driving 2 hours to the nearest major city over my closest dealer. I live 2 hours from a major city. He was able to contact multiple dealers in a large metro area and was able to get a variation of prices for a very hard to find model of almost $4000. He saved me hours of driving and looking. I literally called the dealer once I was armed with the deals having the best price confirmed in writing. The dealer knew from the start that we weren't going to mess around. There were no games, no sales pitches, no gimmicks to get me to buy another model. The dealer found me a car in two days. I picked up the car on a Saturday, and it took less than an hour. It helped that I didn't finance. I paid with a check. The car was ready for me, and soon after writing my check I drove off in my brand new car. If the dealership wasn't busy, I would have been out of there in 30 minutes. Frankly, it was fun watching all these other poor bastards haggling over prices and playing all the stupid games that dealers play. I felt like a king waltzing in and leaving before some of the customers were even able to negotiate a price. Between the time savings, the cost savings and the elimination of the haggling, Mike's fees are well worth it. I will never buy a car the old fashion way again.

Waynesville, MO

I used Mike's From Car to Finish service recently when I purchased a new vehicle. I found his service to be worth every penny. I was not interested in doing a search myself nor negotiating the price. Mike's intake process helped me narrow down my search. He also provided links to several informative articles which helped me to decide which vehicle best suited my needs in all ways. He was readily available by phone and email when I had questions, and he provided a lot of background information about the process and the vehicles I was interested in.

One other key aspect I greatly appreciated was his low-key check-ins with me. When I met him, I anticipated buying a car within two months. That stretched much longer. He maintained contact in a non-pressure way during that time and then jumped into action when I was ready to purchase.

I definitely recommend Mike and his service, and have already told friends about him

A.M., Silver Spring, MD

Mike is very knowledgeable and took the time to cut through all the info and narrow down great choices for me.  Saves my clients many hours and a few thousand dollars on the best deal out there.  He is a great personal shopper on cars and knows where the best deals are.

T.S., Falls Church, VA

Using the side-by-side comparisons in the From Car To Finish web site made the comparisons concise and easy to do a real head to head amongst manufacturers.  When I had narrowed down my choices to 2 vehicles the From Car to Finish team went to bat for me and literally saved me hundreds of dollars off of the purchase price. Also directing me to the sales manager avoided a lot of the hassles of negotiating price in the showroom. The deal went through quite smoothly with no difficulties at all. This is definitely a worthwhile service and I would never buy another car without it again….

E.S., New London, CT

As far as the service that you provide is concerned, I cannot praise it enough. I found that the deal that you worked out for me was not only fantastic but it was done in such a way that allowed me to choose the car that I wanted without having to renegotiate a price for every variation that I might wanted to look at or any of  the cars that were available at the dealer. The price was negotiated relative to the invoice pricing published on the From Car To Finish website, so was very easy to calculate my cost regardless of the options that I chose or the cars available to the dealer.

I.S., Teaneck, NJ

Working with From Car to Finish is the best way I’ve found to buy a car.  They are professionals.  With the quotes they got for me, it was easy to figure out my bottom line. And because I knew my discount from the final invoice, whatever that turned out to be, I could shop for any options I wanted without worrying about price games.  Basically, having From Car to Finish on my side kept the dealers honest and put me in charge of the negotiations.  I saved the cost of their service several times over.

A.S., Potomac, MD

Having never bought a new car, I was fairly nervous and uninformed about the whole process.  The From Car to Finish staff was extremely knowledgeable.  They broke down the process in a way that a person without much car experience, such as myself, could understand.  They were there every step of the way, from comparing prices and features on their website to negotiating the final price and options. The website had an immense amount of information and the comparison features helped me decide which car had the options I wanted as well as a good price.  In the end, From Car to Finish saved me several thousand dollars.  I don’t think I could have gone though the car buying process without them!

J.L., Denver, CO

Contacting From Car to Finish was the best choice I could make in order to get my new car with little fuss at a great price.  From Car to Finish truly made what is normally a difficult time consuming task a pleasure.  I made one trip to the car dealership after I decided the make and model to fill out the paperwork, with a total savings of well over $1,000 from what I could get on my own.  Thanks, and I will be sure to use your services for my next car purchase.

S.A., Falls Church, VA

From Car to Finish made my car shopping process so much simpler!  I went to several dealers to test drive and decide on the car and features that I wanted, and of course secured price quotes.  When I decided on what I wanted, I provided the information to them: a Honda CR-V EX with a dealer installed roof rack.  They came back to me within a day or two and gave me the contact information for a dealer convenient to me, with my car in stock, who would sell it for several thousand dollars less than I had been able to negotiate on my own.  All I had to do was write a check and go pick it up.  It removed all the hassles from car-buying, and saved me the time of having to comparison shop for price and inventory myself.

S.T., Baltimore, MD

From Car to Finish found the exact car I wanted at $1,400 bucks less than I was able to get. Can’t beat that deal! No hours of calls and showroom visits and weeks of back and forth with salesman.  The Ford Expedition that From Car to Finish negotiated for me is not just a new car, but the tow vehicle for a very special charitable venture we’ve begun to help those living with chronic illness. Not only did From Car to Finish get a great deal on the car, but they even helped make sure the transaction went smoothly after I received their report, and I was able to get the perfect color to match the silver of our Airstream trailer.  From Car to Finish negotiated the official touring vehicle of www.rv4thecure.com

Marty Shenkman, Paramus, NJ

I was very nervous about buying a new car as I wasn't planning on it and hadn't done much of my homework (needed a new car due to mine being totaled in an accident). From Car to Finish was very helpful in going over each detail of what I needed to go and was a great negotiator. I don't believe I would have gotten a better deal if I had not used their services.

R.T., Columbia, MD

From Car to Finish saved me two precious resources: time and money.  Car buyers who are not sure how much they can save on their next car would be well advised to do business with From Car to Finish.  Their staff's inside knowledge of the industry is quite extensive and helps beyond the price negotiation aspect of the service.  In-depth guidance on options and other needs and wants make for a customized experience.  In a nutshell, From Car to Finish acts as your advocate and takes the sting out of the buying process.  I highly recommend it for folks who have no time to waste and/or don’t enjoy bargaining.

R.A., Reston, VA

Working with From Car to Finish made purchasing a car so easy.  They did all the work - we told them what make, model, and style we wanted and they explained everything, did the negotiations with several dealers and came back to us with the best deal.  We were able to go to the dealer with a firm price in hand.  We would recommend From Car to Finish in a heartbeat.  Thank you guys for everything. 

P.B. & D.B., Teaneck, NJ


The From Car to Finish staff gave exceptionally high quality service.  They were with me all the way in providing expert consultation on my car buying choices and negotiated some highly competitive prices that saved me thousands of dollars.  I would definitely use From Car to Finish again as well as continue to recommend them highly to my friends and collegues. 

L.G.E., Bethesda, MD


There are two ways to buy a new car: Random selection or by using From Car To Finish.  With the former, you just take your chances, roll the dice, and hoping the price you're offered "sounds about right."  With the latter, you get about as many facts as you can handle, including extensive details about the vehicle you're looking for, accessories, and details on how to go about evaluating prospective vehicles.  Most importantly, and for a very modest cost, they provide you with pricing offers from numerous dealers in your greater metro area.   It is in this area that From Car to Finish excels....(more) 

E.R., Burke, VA


Before using From Car to Finish, car buying was always a challenge and something that I never looked forward to doing.  With From Car to Finish, all my worries were put to rest.  They do all the work haggle free and definitely get you the best possible deal.  I know there really is a savings because before I started using the service, one salesman gave me a price that was 15 to 20 percent higher than what I ultimately paid through From Car to Finish.  Their website was also a great research tool in helping me decide the car to purchase.  There was a fantastic car comparison application that allowed me to choose the car that best suited my needs.  Making a decision to buy a car will always be somewhat stressful but thanks to From Car to Finish, I know I’ll always get the best deal.

J.H., Rockville, MD

I recently used the services of From Car to Finish to purchase a new Toyota Highlander after totaling my other car in an accident.  I am recently divorced and had no one on my side with knowledge of how to negotiate the best deal in buying a car.  I was referred to Mike by a friend and having him help me gave me the confidence I needed to confidently close the best deal on the car!  It was like having a husband in the car business who knew how to get the best price in town for the vehicle I wanted.  I must have spoken to him 4 times a day for several days with questions about navigating all the information he sent to me about the dealerships.  He was patient beyond words, understanding and happy to help me each time I called.  I highly recommend his services.  You will save his reasonable fee many times over in the prices he negotiates on your behalf.

S.M., Rockville, MD
I hired From Car to Finish to do the legwork of car haggling for me! I needed to purchase a new car, knew what I wanted and he provided alot of information about the in's and out's of pricing in the new car purchasing field. He spoke to 7 dealerships and got me the best price possible at a dealership in Montgomery County. It saved me time, money and alot of hassles because we all know that car salesmen are good at what they do. Being a woman I didn't want to go through that. Mike helped me navigate the system and I got a great deal at Sheehy Ford in Gaithersburg. It was definitely worth it! I will call upon him again the next time I need to buy a new car. Thanks Mike!
D.B., Silver Spring, MD
It had been about 10 years since I had bought a car and I was dreading going through all the hassle. From car to finish not only helped me figure out what car would work best for me but also helped remove all the excess "drama" of getting a new car. I was able to test drive cars without too much pressure from the dealers as I was only testing the cars. Once I decided what car I wanted From car to finish gave me a full report that helped me assure I got the best deal available. Buying the car was easy and there were really no negotiations hassles. I totally trust Mike and the advice he gave not only regarding cars but also car repairs and how to successfully negotiate the car buying process. I left with my new car and feeling good about my decision and the way I was treated.
Thank you Mike
S.J.P., Alexandria, VA

Mike helped me shop for a Toyota Matrix to my specs with pricing at the forefront. I was in a time crunch to get a car, as my old one had just died. Mike found me a new Matrix within 2 weeks under budget, with all the specs I needed and from a local dealer, which was also important to me. It was also great having someone with car knowledge to talk to and discuss various issues, as it's a big decision and Mike gave me expert advice and was fun to talk to. I would highly recommend him to anyone in  the same situation and will use him again the next time I need another car.

G.B., New York, NY

I was ready to close the deal on a new car when they showed me the dealer invoice price and offered it at that level.  My wife, who saw your car buying seminar at a networking meeting, insisted we give you a call.  The call alone brought the price down more than another $1000 but using the From Car to Finish service and waiting just two days ultimately yielded a price of $2000 under invoice, or $6500 below MSRP.  Amazing, and so helpful.  I always worry that I am not getting a good price but this took the worry out of it.  The small fee for the From Car to Finish service produced a return of over 1000% in two days.  It's hard to find that kind of a deal anywhere.  Thanks again.

T.H., Rockville, MD

What a wonderful way to buy a car. I test drove other cars and decided that I wanted a Camry. After submitting the information to From Car to Finish, I received my report with several dealers listed near me. I used the worksheet to figure out which one was the best for me and my numbers agreed with the dealer ranking page included in the report.  I made an appointment with the manager they specified and the experience at the dealership was the best.  No negotiating!!  No haggling!!  No "I need to speak to my manager" - 5 or 6 times!!!  No time wasted!!!  And I saved quite a bit of money!!!  You made this experience painless.  I have already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so.  Thank you very much.

R.G., Boynton Beach, FL

Mike offers a new car negotiating service, From Car to Finish, that every woman who is single and not interested in learning about cars should purchase. Mike contacts the dealership manager and gets him or her to negotiate a reasonable price for a new vehicle. Mike walks his client through the purchasing process and is there for you each and every step of the way. This service was invaluable during a time when my son was ill and I needed a reliable car to get me back and forth to the hospital. Thanks, Mike, I am now enjoying driving my new Sonata.

Karol Taylor, Hyattsville, MD

In 2012 my wife needed a new car and we were exploring our options. I have known Mike Rabkin for several years and decided using his program would benefit us. Mike provided a concise and through description of the car, the pricing and dealer contacts. Armed with this information we leveraged a great deal for my wife on a new car that she is VERY happy with. If you are going to buy a new car, contact Mike and take full advantage of his program.

M.S., Westminster, MD

I am thrilled to say that, for the first time since 1986, I get to drive a new car that I truly enjoy - and I have Mike Rabkin to thank for all of this. When I was looking for a new car, I turned to Mike for guidance. He made the process seamless and so pleasant: from identifying the perfect car for me to the help in the negotiation for the best deal. Mike Rabkin is an expert in the auto industry and I highly recommend him and From Car to Finish for consultation in your next car purchase.

S.A., Germantown, MD

We have used From Car to Finish to purchase two cars. Mike offers a great service that helped us save thousands of dollars on our purchases. He simplifies the process and takes the haggling anxiety out of car buying. Thanks, Mike!

S.H., North Potomac, MD

I hired Mike to help me negotiate a new car. His knowledge and skills proved invaluable and he was able to get a great deal. In fact, when picking up the car, the salesperson was amazed at what a fantastic price arrived at for the vehicle (over $1200 under what they were selling it for off the lot). I will very likely use Mike again and highly recommend him.

K.A., Washington, DC

Mike helped me successfully negotiate a low price on my brand new Subaru Impreza.  In fact, because of Mike's work, the dealership sold me my car at a lower price than they were selling to any other potential buyers. It was a huge savings.  This was the first car I ever bought, so I needed help in determing which models to test drive, whether to lease or buy, and how to approach car dealers in order to negotiate the best value for my money. Mike's advice and expertise were invaluable.  He is extremely knowledgeable about cars, dealerships, and the business of buying cars. I highly recommend Mike's services to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle at a low price!

L.G., Washington, DC

I'm from Texas, where the concept of From Car to Finish is EXTREMELY uncommon. I was skeptical at first, as I considered myself a savvy car shopper, having shopped for 3 cars prior. I did a TON of online research and found From Car to Finish in an online article, as I was too busy this time and $199 to erase all my car worries seemed perfect. The overall savings INCLUDING the service fee was unbelievable. Any company can look good when nothing goes wrong, but it's how they handle a situation when there's a problem that defines them. All the companies I have ever dealt are great during the buying process, but when your equipment or service goes wrong, I often find myself on my own. I ran into a problem because the dealer contact given was out sick when I arrived to pick up my vehicle, and the manager on duty didn't realize the vehicle had already been negotiated. Although From Car to Finish says to deal only with the contact who gave the quote, this was not possible here. I called Mike and mentioned the problem, as the manager on duty was not honoring the quote already given and the car they were holding for me the day before was “sold.” I have never seen someone FIGHT so HARD for his customer as Mike did. He was on the phone for over an hour, and demanded the general manager after endless rounds of talking to the 1st manager. I was so impressed with his services, as he not only took care of me while at the dealership, but went the extra mile to make sure I was ok mentally after the dealership kept me there for 7 hours, AND followed up. He's a real person making an honest living. If you have ANY DOUBTS about his service, just call Mike. I still got a great deal on my car, and when I was in trouble, I had Mike's company to back me up. Do not worry about trying his service out. You'll get the best price on your car (I still did my own research to confirm this). From Car to Finish really did amazing.

D.P., Katy, TX

Mike knows cars like no one else! We've never used a service such as From Car to Finish, and it was a very good experience. We certainly could not have done this on our own.

Mike used his vast knowledge and network to bring us the type of new car quotes for us to be successful, as well as guidance and mentoring on the different vehicles we were thinking of purchasing.

We would very much recommend to anyone to seek out From Car to Finish for their next automotive purchase!

N.M., Potomac Falls, VA

I found that working with Mike was the best way to purchase a car. We saved a couple thousand dollars for my Honda CRV using From Car to Finish. He is very detailed in his search for my car and answered all my concerns and questions. At the dealership I was at ease and with the quote From Car to Finish which made the experience pleasant. I would highly recommend From Car to Finish to my friends and families for their future car purchase.

Y.S., Germantown, MD

I hired Mike to negotiate for my new car. He was extremely helpful in helping me figure out which trim package I wanted. He provided the finished report much quicker than I expected. I took it to the recommended dealer and picked out my new car hassle free. I do note that the dealership did not tell me about the two rebates that Mike listed on the report. Mike saved me thousands of dollars, buckets of stress, and hours and hours of research and negotiation time. Thank you, Mike!

Rose Woodruff, Lanham, MD

We used Mike's service to purchase a new automobile over the weekend. The service worked exactly as Mike promised. The process was very efficient and saved us a ton of money. It made the car purchase experience very pleasant.

James Randisi, Towson, MD

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