Interactive Worksheet
Dealer Name:  
1. Starting cost of base vehicle with the destination charge (using either invoice or MSRP, depending on how each dealer quoted in their “profit” line) at the beginning of Section III Price List. $
2. Total cost of all individual factory options and/or option packages you want on your vehicle from Section III (again, using either invoice or MSRP depending on how each dealer quoted in their “profit” line). plus $
3. Advertising association fee from Section II (if applicable). Advertising is mandatory if the “profit” line starts with the words “invoice”. plus $
4. Profit for in-stock or incoming vehicles. This is whatever is listed in the “profit” line from Section II. plus or minus $
5. Profit for factory ordered vehicles. This is only applicable to brands that allow for factory orders. Applicability will be indicated on the Dealer Quote Summary. plus or minus (if applicable) $
6. Mandatory dealer fees or physical add-ons from Section II. plus (if applicable) $
7. Other fees from Section I (if applicable). plus (if applicable) $
8. Possible charge for a dealer to locate and trade for a vehicle with another dealer, from Section II. plus (if applicable) $
9. Cost of any optional dealer installed options (if applicable) from Section II. plus (if applicable) $
10. Customer rebate directly from the manufacturer to you (if applicable) from Section I. (if applicable) $
11. Final cost of vehicle. This figure represents the total for everything on your vehicle before mandatory state fees (taxes, tags, title, etc), which won’t vary by dealer and are based on the state in which you will register your vehicle. Check with your division of motor vehicles to learn more about your state’s mandatory fees. equals $
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